Horoscope April 16

Horoscope April 16

Mercury Retrograde is over! After a 3-week trek through the trenches, we’re O-U-T. You’ll feel your energy and speed return quickly now. Try to remember what you learned to make smarter decisions over the next few weeks. Taurus Season begins on Thursday and gives us the daily commitment to our goals to make them manifest for the next month. Enjoy the grounded focus!


The energy of Aries Season is late but it’s finally arrived to the party! You might’ve felt the struggle to find your thoughts, words, and footing during the retrograde, but relief is yours now because it’s over! Your fire is back and burning brighter than ever. Thursday’s start to Taurus Season invites you to bring this momentum to your personal and financial goals. You better work, Ram!



Hold on to hope, Taurus. The worst is behind you now. Mercury Retrograde gave you an intense cosmic cleaning and closure. Be adaptable and forgiving to what’s come to an end, since this Thursday begins Taurus Season! The Sun shines from your constellation and is sure to provide new opportunities, experiences, abundance, and relationships as birthday gifts. Enjoy!


Friendship never ends, Gemini. After a social audit from this Mercury Retrograde, you know which friends are meant to stay in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Taurus Season begins a month long story for you of closure and sweet surrender. Give yourself permission for self-care, staying in, and letting go.


Two-week notice or promotion prep, Cancer? Mercury Retrograde let you know whether or not you should stay or go when it comes to work. Use this new awareness to take direct action in the manifesting of your career goals. You’ll get by with a little help from your friends when Taurus Season begins on Thursday. Your network and social support is everything — remember that!



Your headache is over, Leo. Mercury Retrograde gave you a three-week long migraine where you were forced to ask yourself, “What am I thinking? And did I really just say that out loud?” Your mind is back to monarch status now. That happens to be perfect timing since Thursday’s start to Taurus Season lights up your career! You’ll need all the intelligence and focus you've got to rise.


Can you handle the Truth, Virgo? Your attitude toward and ability to handle radical honesty, intimacy, and commitment was your Mercury Retrograde test. Remember to see yourself, circumstances, and people as they are right now. Let Taurus Season uplift your thinking to see the big picture! Don’t sweat small stuff. Spoiler alert: it’s all small stuff.


Do you love them, or do you love them not, Libra? Don’t worry, you’re not being forced to choose one partner over the other. Now that Mercury Retrograde is over, be ready to explore your romantic preferences with as many people as you want. If you’re stressed by choice, Taurus Season’s start on Thursday will help you narrow in on where your connections are safe and steady.


Don’t pay for the gym and not even go, Scorpio! You know exactly what to do to stay healthy, responsible, and in great shape. Mercury Retrograde trained you to stay vigilant in your efforts for physical, emotional, and mental well-being ... so do that! Taurus Season’s start on Thursday begins your most romantic month. You’ll want to be in tip-top shape while you share your best self generously with a lucky someone who deserves you!


Madonna was right when she said “express yourself," Sagittarius. You’re connected to what you need to feel joy and ~romance~, especially because Mercury Retrograde removed all the things holding you back from it. You’re ready to say it out loud! Couple this effort with effective time management and organization when Taurus Season begins on Thursday.


Your dive in the emotion ocean is done, Sea Goat! Take a deep breath and relax. Mercury Retrograde triggered your sensitivities and boundaries on emotional security, so you’ll now want to align your life with those experiences to keep you heart safe. Taurus Season gives you a month story of joy, romance, and pleasure tour. Say “yes” to life!


Speak up, Waterbearer! You concluded this Mercury Retrograde story with an important story you need to share and the Universe wants you to be proactive about sharing. Don’t wait for an invitation — invite yourself and let magic happen! Taurus Season on Thursday gets you ready for an extreme home makeover. You’ll know where — and with whom— you feel right at home.


Who’s your bodyguard, Pisces? When it comes to security, Mercury Retrograde reminded you — perhaps difficultly — the exact circumstances your sensitive heart needs to feel protected. Align your behavior with these experiences. You’ll be asked to speak on it when Taurus Season starts on Thursday ... and you’ll be the most talkative fish at the aquarium!


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