Horoscope April 2

Despite Mercury retrograde, our relationships could receive beautiful harmonization this week. Venus is now in Taurus, where the Goddess of Love will help make our partnerships stable and sensual for three weeks. Indulge and let love ~work its magic~ since this weekend inspires responsibility. A Capricorn moon until Sunday gives us the motivation to get shit done so we can share the fruit of our labor!


Happy Birthday, Aries! The Universe’s gift to you is financial gain. Venus is blessing you with economic abundance and relationship security. Your romantic style is brave and free, but you also cherish presence and safety from your partners. Ready to work? This weekend inspires responsible strategies for professional success.


Lovely Taurus, it’s all about you this week! Venus is helping you understand and really live your best romantic experiences. You’re feeling more deserving to not only receive but also to give beautiful loyalty and love. Friday begins an adventure. Make the time this weekend to explore unknown places with the people you adore!


Got a secret lover, Gemini? Venus is inspiring you to keep feelings on the hush-hush or to keep an attraction to the secret — perhaps unavailable — type on the DL. Take your time exploring the emotions you have and see whether or not it’s for the right reason. This weekend’s intimacy vibes may help you understand the reasons behind your crush’s intentions.


Some of the best romances begin as friendship, Cancer. Venus is beautifying your platonic connections and blurring the lines between lover and friend. Transfer some of your love to your friendships and go ahead and make your romances friendlier. Schedule date night on Friday because the weekend’s itinerary has passion written all over it.


Managers tend to promote people with likability, Leo. Venus is rewarding you with popularity and influence at work, so use this adoration well by speaking on your expectations. Your coworkers will be collaborative and supportive. Spend this weekend spring cleaning — your productivity will be off the charts, trust.


You’re bored by routine and schedule, Virgo. Venus is inspiring spontaneity, adventure, and the unknown. You have hearts in your eyes for partners who help you have fun and who liven up the atmosphere with optimism. This weekend puts joy and pleasure on your newly abandoned schedule. Say yes to life.



Are you sharing, Libra? Venus wants you find the perfect balance between giving and receiving. Find friends and lovers who let you speak as much as you listen, so work hard to reciprocate. The weekend is a sentimental one. Plan a cozy, quiet activity at home with family or friends who make your heart feel safe.


You’re all in, Scorpio. Venus is showing you how to get ready for commitment, partnership, and the kind of quality romance that's built to last. You’re working hard to smooth out differences and find compromise among all. The sexiest quality throughout your weekend will be curiosity. Ask questions to discover more about your partner’s psyche and register who returns the favor.


You’re free-spirited and independent, Sagittarius, but lately, your heart’s been aflutter for consistency and dependability in a partner. Venus is inspiring you to align your beautiful independence with an intellectual and reliable romance, especially this weekend while security and practical approaches become major turn-ons.


Vulnerability is strength, Capricorn. Remember that! Venus is helping the zodiac’s most stoic sign to open their hearts to the people who need to see, hear, and feel it. Yes, it’s scary and messy, but Venus wants you to do it anyway. She’ll reward you if you do. This weekend puts your emotional exposure on the agenda, so speak your truth.


Home is where the heart is, Aquarius. Venus is urging you to find places and people who make you feel like you’re safe at home. You might even find romance in your hometown or with suitors who share the same values. Think about having a staycation this weekend since you’ll likely feel a bit raw and sensitive. Let the discomfort teach you what it’s trying to.


Romance is an intellectual technique, Pisces. Venus is reminding you that while chemistry is important, someone’s mental power and communication habits are at the true heart of the romantic matter. Reconnect with friends this weekend while Friday begins an energy of socializing, community, and joy. Have fun!


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