Horoscope Week 19 August


Blast out of the starting gates as the week begins! You can use a superhuman burst of speed and spontaneity to get ahead on Monday -- especially if 'getting ahead' means meeting new people and trying new things. On Tuesday and Wednesday and into the first half of Thursday, you'll find obstacles blocking your progress. You can still persevere -- you just need to work a little harder (and put your charms to good use). From the latter part of Thursday on through to Saturday, talk up a storm. Get your ideas and arguments across any way you can -- over email, on the phone or in person. On Sunday, let it all out. You need to clear the emotional air.




Feeling strangely rushed? As the week begins, you'll be unusually antsy -- but if you don't want to blow your budget (literally or metaphorically), you'll need to resist those impulses on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and early Thursday, you'll get back into your groove and all your best qualities -- especially your persistence and wise practicality -- will be magnified. Count on others to notice (and be impressed). From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, you'll feel that urge to rush return, but this time you'll have communication skills to talk your way through your impulsiveness. Look to friends to talk you down. This Sunday, take a risk -- especially in romance.



Start the week off smart: with some good advice from good friends. On Monday, you'll have the clear, charismatic communication skills to chat up anybody -- but conversations with friends and those close to you will give you the most insight. You'll need that guidance going into Tuesday and Wednesday (and even Thursday morning), as you're faced with unusual obstacles and unclear expectations. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, everything blocking your way will vanish. You'll have extraordinary energy and the kind of fun, flirtatious attitude that will liven up any room. This Sunday, don't be afraid to be selfish. Now is the time to tighten purse strings and reassess budgets.




Think before you act as the week begins. You'll be tempted to fly off the handle on Monday, but a more measured approach is in order. On Tuesday and Wednesday (and on through Thursday morning), that mental and emotional haste will be a big benefit, as your quick wit and crazy ideas win you applause and admiration. Expect to be the life of the party. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday night, you might feel overwhelmed by pesky details, but don't let them get you down. That's just the universe telling you it's time to ditch your routine and take a walk on the wild side. This Sunday, be assertive.




Ready for a fun Monday? You can make a good time out of almost any situation as the week begins -- so don't be bashful about getting others in on the game. Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thursday morning too) should take a decidedly more serious slant, as your attention turns to your reputation (your career? your ego?). In any case, it's a good time to show off and collect deserved praise. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, friends will look to you to lead the way on some collective effort, whether for work or just for fun. (Which makes sense for a natural leader like you, right?) This Sunday, your earnestness and warmth will win you respect and affection.



Expect your week to get off to a decisive start! You'll be filled with conviction and a sense of purpose on Monday, and you'll know exactly what to do. (Your only real danger is accidentally running over a friend or coworker in the process.) Starting on Tuesday on through to Thursday morning, you'll shift into a more philosophical mode, as you seek out other similarly soul-seeking people to bat around big ideas and try to tune into the big picture. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect a return to life's finer, more pragmatic details. Fortunately, you've got the organizational skills to whip them into shape. This Sunday, get energy from a group or gathering.



It's all about compromise as the week begins, so be careful and cautious in your one-on-one relationships on Monday. Whatever you bring to the table (positive or negative) will be multiplied and returned. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, your natural diplomacy will shine. Others will look to you to give advice and settle disputes -- and don't be surprised if they're impressed (and even attracted to you) in the process. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, expect to be filled with earnest and expansive intellectual energy -- you'll be eager to talk about new things with new people. This Sunday, stick to the program and stay patient.



Try to pitch in and help out as the week begins. Others will look to you for assistance on Monday, and you'll feel a strong emotional pull to do the right thing. Starting on Tuesday and into Thursday morning, you'll need to strike a balance in your relationships. Flexibility and compromise are key, but just make sure you don't wimp out and give up too much (not that someone with your fiery feelings is likely to, of course). From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, you'll need to mind your p's and q's -- the devil is, as ever, in the details. This Sunday, use your intuition to get what you want.




Begin your week with an energetic flourish! You're full of verve and vitality on Monday, and you can accomplish almost anything -- at work, at home or in your love life. Starting on Tuesday and into Thursday morning, your communication skills are without equal -- you can get your point across clearly and persuasively, and no argument is too subtle or complex. On Thursday afternoon and on into Saturday, you'll want to daydream and philosophize, but you'll have a hard time getting in deep. Don't get frustrated -- sometimes talking the talk is just as good as walking the walk. This Sunday, follow your mood and don't hold back.




Don't let your worries get the better of you as this week begins. You'll get through this rough patch soon enough, and you can handle any troubles you face on Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, everything will get much easier. You'll be free with your feelings and fast with ideas -- and others won't hesitate to let you know how much you're appreciated. On Thursday afternoon and on through Saturday, you'll need to avoid flighty people and cut to the chase if you want to get things done. This Sunday, deal with the issue at hand.



Anything can happen as the week begins! You're positively electric on Monday, coursing with ideas and imagination. Splash out artistically -- and don't be surprised if your experiments lead to big discoveries. Starting on Tuesday and on through Thursday morning, excitement won't come so easily. But don't fret -- you're never at a loss for a crazy plan, and you can keep yourself (and your friends) entertained with just a little effort. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, creativity could turn into romance, as a seemingly innocent intellectual connection leads to something more. This Sunday, you'll feel better once you've tended to some pesky details.



Show some caution as the week begins. Things might not be what they seem on Monday, and you might need to solve a puzzle or two to get to the bottom of things. On Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thursday morning), you'll be speaking the language of love, in poetry, love letters, or maybe even just romantic text messages. Expect positive (if not equally amorous and articulate) replies. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday, you might start to feel overwhelmed and confused. Don't let the lack of clarity get you down though -- you just need to think creatively to find your way. On Sunday, nobody can resist your fun, flirtatious attitude.





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