Horoscope Week August 6

Love and Leo are this week’s two stars! Venus enters Libra on August 6 until September 9, when she’ll beautify our love. Venus in Libra is flirtatious, stylish, and romantic. A solar eclipse in Leo helps the Zodiac find the royal confidence for us to pursue our goals and dreams. It’ll lay a glamorous and helpful foundation for security, worthiness, and purpose.



Summer lovin’, Ram? Venus is electrifying your romances and relationships. Single? This transit happily will end that status if you keep your heart open and stay optimistic. Coupled? A deepening of intimacy is on the horizon. This weekend’s solar eclipse has your confidence and charisma in peak sunlight. Enjoy the spotlight!




How are your summer goals, Bull? Your health and exercise routines are receiving Venus’ beautiful support, so try to soften any indulgence with just a little moderation. Looking for a homecoming? The solar eclipse pushes you in the direction of a move or redecoration that you makes feel right at home.



Love out loud, Gemini! You’re much more comfy in the calm, detached demeanor, but Venus wants you to lead and speak with your heart. Go all in—if you want someone or something, say it, then go get it! A solar eclipse on Saturday lights up your passions for reading, listening, speaking, and writing, so grab a pen and paper, and get to it!



Home sweet home, Cancer! After a high-octane birth month, you’re ready to nest again with cozy self-care. So Venus is redecorating your inner and outer home with beauty, charm, and luxury. A hometown romance could blossom, too. This weekend’s solar eclipse puts more precious pearls in your bank account. Cha-ching!




Happy Birthday, Leo! The Universe is blessing you this birthday with the beautiful gift of gab. Your verbal influence is magnetic, so use it well! Regardless of birth date, declare your wishes this Saturday during the solar eclipse in Leo. Tell the universe your wildest dreams. Happy manifesting!




Abundance is your birthright and horoscope, Virgo! As the planet of love, money, and values, Venus is glowing up your financial health. It’s a time both for rewarding yourself and increasing your financial literacy—in other words, your money works for you, not the other way around. Looking for closure? The solar eclipse provides cosmic completion, so you can start something anew!



Hey, Miss Popular! Your ruling planet Venus is now in Libra, bestowing you with your goddess’ beauty, charm, abundance, and popularity. You’ll have a special touch with both money and suitors, and a solar eclipse on Saturday inspires you to change your "no new friends" policy.



Surrender is sweet, Scorpio, and it doesn't mean you're a quitter. Venus is helping you lovingly let go of the people and things that prevent you from seeking your bliss. If someone or something has served its purpose, feel gratitude for it, and release it. A solar eclipse makes you want to work this weekend! Lift your professional and career aspirations to the highest, and then dive, turn, werk!



Are they friend, lover, or both, Sagittarius? Venus is hoping both, since the best romances feel friendly, and the best friendships can feel romantic. Blur the boundaries intentionally, and watch the magic happen. A solar eclipse this weekend takes you to far corners of the world and education—stay optimistic, and expect the unexpected!




Relationships are a full-time job, Capricorn. Good thing your work ethic is legendary so you can handle it. Venus is inspiring you to put the elbow grease in your relationships and work hard to sustain them. A solar eclipse this weekend brings sex appeal, intimacy, and honesty to your life. Handle the truth with an open heart and mind.



Your heart belongs to the exotic now, Aquarius. Venus is matchmaking international, cultural, and contrasting romances for you. An optimistic perspective will help your happiness in these experiences. Are you on the same page? A solar eclipse this weekend transforms your relationship dynamics, and positive change is sure to come.




Can you handle the truth, Pisces? Venus can help. The goddess of love is aligning intimate, honest, and transformative experiences with your romances. It won’t be all crystals and rainbows, but the work is worth it. This weekend’s solar eclipse inspires you to commit to a routine, schedule, or plan that helps deal with realness using your strength and wisdom.





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