How to get the perfect pink hair

Multi-Colored Pink

To get this look, layer three semi-permanent shades — or use three different kinds of temporary colorants, starting from your roots and working toward your ends.

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"If you’re a blonde, colorful hair is simple to create because you’re working on a lighter canvas to start," Appleton adds. "But if you’re brunette, you'll need to lighten your hair if you're trying to keep the look for a longer period of time." Just want something temporary? Appleton recommends spraying your hair with a highly pigmented spray to make sure you like the look before making a more permanent decision. You can also use hair chalk on your strands if you simply want to just try colorful hair for a night.

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Pastel Pink

Appleton also notes that if you're going for a softer color (shown here), you can really play around with makeup and go for a bolder look; "however, if your hair is on the brighter, hot pink side, for example, you might want to tone down your makeup and let your pink hair do the talking."

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Hot Pink

If you want more saturation when it comes to color, apply it directly onto dry hair. Otherwise, wet your hair before gently raking the color through.

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