Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Every girl has already heard the sentences "You should love yourself", "Love yourself and things will get better", "Love yourself and you will find the love of your life." But WHY these sentences are only spoken to girls? Why someone would supposed that we don't love ourselves?

We've always heard and read that we are not good enough. That we should dress that, to do that, to act like a girl. 

90% of the magazines has subjects about what women could change to have a better appareance. Diets to get skinnier, makeup to look prettier, the perfect outfit for every ocasion. 

Sometimes even people from our own house or school, can say some bad things. Making us feel like we don't deserve things. Making us feel bad. Like me for example, I heard that I was not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. That I would never had a boyfriend. Or even worst, that I was not capable of making my dreams come true. 

One time I heard that I should love myself first before I get a boyfriend. But how this person could say that I wasn't loving myself? Just because I didn't looked the way he wanted to?

And I know that happens to 99% of the girls, I know that. And on the other hand, people say that we have to love ourselves and be confident. But growinp up learning the opposite, makes that seems impossible. Nobody taught us how to love ourselves. 

So, what means to love yourself? 

I've been thinking about that lately. And I'm seeing that some people can think that love yourself is being always happy and positive. Posting pictures on your social medias looking happy and smiling, with a positive quote. 

"Look she love herself, she is always smiling."


"Look she accepts her imperfections, she loves herself".

But is that what it truly means? 

We know how we can fake things up. Pretending that we are happy when we are not. Humans do that. Boys and girls. Some people are in fake relantionships, to pretend they are happy. Some people are in jobs they don't want, just because someone told then that they should being working with that. 

So I don't really think that is the truly meaning of loving yourself. 

Loving yourself, should be:

Loving who you truly are, in first place. Loving who you are on the inside, and then on the outside. You can't pretend that you are someone that you are not. You shouldn't be like the girl in the magazine, like the model, you should be you. You are not perfect, and that is ok, because no one are. But is your imperfection that makes you unique and beautiful. Love your face, your body, feel blessed for who you are. 

Stoping the comparation. Don't compare yourself with other girls. Every person has their own beauty. 

Embracing your personality. Do you like rock music? do you like pop music? do you like pink t-shirts or black t-shirts? maybe both? Do you like smiling all the time? Or are you more quiet? Do you like dancing? Or singing? 

Dressing what you want, only to impress yourself. Do not impress others. When we live to impress other people, you definitely lost yourself. 

Expressing your opinions. 

Being true to yourself. Are you sad? That is ok. Are you happy? Great. It is ok to feel different emotions. It is not PMS, it is not your hormones, it is YOU. You are human. 

Finding your talents. Every person has an unique talent. Find your passion and what makes you happy. 

Knowing that, in a world with 7 billion people, there is no one like you. There is no one that smile like you, that walk like you. 

You are unique. 

FORGET what everyone has been telling you all these years.



And that is all. You do not have to love yourself to find someone. You have to love yourself to find you. And then when you find yourself, you can find anything you want. 



&ps: if you read all and found some mistake, wrong sentence or word please contact us. English it is not my first language. ;)



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